05/30/24 - 20:51

Free translation request

You are about to send a request for voluntary translation assistance.


To facilitate the work of our volunteers, we thank you for specifying in your request A MAXIMUM of information on the context of the document to be translated:

  • what kind of document is this? (mail, marriage certificate …)
  • names encountered? (surnames, cities …)
  • year of writing?

We ask you too to send us only clean documents. Requests with poor quality scans cannot be processed.


3 ways are available to you.

Sending via a dedicated form (recommended)

There is a translation request form.

We invite you to use it preferably.

Attachments are limited to 3 MB.

Sending by email

Your requests can be sent to contact at e-transcriptum.com

Sending by mail (longer processing)

You can send your requests by regular mail to:

WBS Group – e-transcriptum department
282 rue Jean Jaurès
F-59170 CROIX